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Posted by s.f. on September 17, 2008

WAR Defense

It’s got a nice “lobby room” soundtrack playing, a slick “killer robot arm” that simulates tracking on the reader, menus about the latest weapons and events in the game and–
oh, wait: it’s a serious website, intended to fill “the coming need of defenses against autonomous military robots”.

The most tantalizing parts are the “Tools” and “Services” menus, which “require authorization with your key card for access”. Yes, that ubiquitous keycard we all carry, savior of heroes like Solid Snake and..wait, what?

Ooh, I see. Started by a teenage dot-com billionaire, responsible for such amazing innovative sites such as “tracking your own personal timeline”, “environmentally-green plumbers”, and the “post over IP protocol”(enabling one to send snailmail..over the INTERNET).
Truly another excellent addition to the pantheon.

(Found via El Reg, of course)


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