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Posted by s.f. on January 05, 2008

So, Zed spewed. Since I guess I’m now a Rails “professional”, I guess I’m supposed to have some sort of up-in-arms opinion.

I really couldn’t care less.

Once you pick up that Zed writes in a deliberately provocative manner, reminiscent of the SA Forums, the rant’s main points boil down to his personal experiences with consulting, and elements of the Rails community being too uptight.

The only thing I found really entertaining about the affair(outside of the Rubinius praise) are the responses popping up on mailing lists looking to move away from Mongrel, because they just can’t trust software written by a person who posted “something like that”. If your sentiments are similar, I hope you’re not using OpenBSD(Theo), ReiserFS(Reiser), or anything GNU-related(Stallman)

In my professional life I’ve had to use a lot of software I considered brain-damaged(custom Java object-frameworks, antiquated news databases, PHP), but the dislike almost always stemmed from experience with the software itself, not the person/teams behind it.


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  1. Scott Robinson Sat, 05 Jan 2008 18:09:46 UTC

    Damn, Scott, yours is the first sane response I’ve read about this storm in a teacup.

  2. s.f. Sat, 05 Jan 2008 20:47:05 UTC

    There are a few others out there, but yeah, most people want to titter behind raised hands and haughtily point out that his language and manner are “so unprofessional”. Whatever.